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Blog Tarung Derajat
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 Short histori of Tarung Derajat

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Indra Bastian

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PostSubyek: Short histori of Tarung Derajat   Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:32 pm

Young AA' Boxer
Achmad Dradjat, grew up in tegallega, West Java, during the 1960’s. Tegallega was an area considered dangerous due to gang related violence, and he often found himself caught up in fights. With his weakness of small body, Dradjat was an easy target for violences there. Fed up with these humiliating beatings, Dradjat resolved to develop a system of self-defense that could be used against opponents who were physically stronger and larger than him. He identified four basic Physical elements at play within a fight: punching, kicking, blocking/evasion and throwing/dropping. He did extensive weights training developing a muscular physique. It is a ‘no frills’ system focusing upon simple movements done with maximum force coupled with a high endurance of physical pain. Applying his techniques in the street to defend himself or to protect other people who had been annoyed by the 'Preman' (Criminal /bad guy), Dradjat soon getting .

a name for himself ,
Sang Guru Tarung Derajat (The Grand Master Teacher)
Guru Haji achmad Dradjat/GHADA
commonly known as AA BOXER
(‘aa’ similar meaning like Elder Brother, it’s from sunda/west Java language, and the name of BOXER was gotten in a film that well-known in the era), whilst initially reluctant to teach others, more and more people came to him asking to be instructed. He formally established a self defense School, named Perguruan Bela diri AA BOXER: DRADJAT Method at 1972 in Bandung City. At the time Dradjat was 24 years old. He did not consider his martial art to be related to Pentjak Silat, Karate or others settle martial art in any way. For him, it’s a new martial art, created by his own experience of self defense. Like his motto: Be yourself by yourself (Ina: Jadikanlah dirimu oleh diri sendiri ). Based on his experience in street fighting, he introduced a new form of martial art, probably similar to many other martial art forms, but the fighting technique, was different, it’s very realistic, striking for win is the best defences in this form fighting technique. That form popularly known as “TARUNG BEBAS” (freestyle fighting), it’s full body contact aggressive fighting without using any body protector. Dradjat also introduction choreographed sequences of combative moves (Ina : Seni gerak) in his martial art.

THE PRESENT OF TARUNG DERAJAT : From Martial art to Branch of sport

Boxer was a past name of Tarung Derajat. However, since that name was too western, contradicting idealism as The people of Indonesia, Dradjat convert that name, the name of martial art must be taken from Bahasa / Indonesia Language. Tarung Dradjat become a new name, ‘Tarung’ means Fighting, ‘Dradjat’ taken from his name, Tarung Dradjat meant Achmad Dradjat fighting style for self defence.

All Senior members, spread this new martial art, to Grow and to develop each of the training branch (Ina: SATLAT: Satuan Latihan) in stadium, university, military and other training branch place. The Hardness of full body contact martial art and practical style of self defence has been both it’s main attraction and it’s major obstacle
towards gaining more mainstream popularity.

attraction, breaking with head

Soon, Dradjat declared by the members as “Sang Guru” (The Grand Master Teacher). Success to develop his own martial art, make him reflections in the journey of Tarung Dradjat, He doesn't want to be directly using his name at his own martial art, the reason is prevent him to become a Egoistic guy, he was rethinking to rename Tarung Dradjat. Tarung Dradjat transformed into a new name ‘TARUNG DERAJAT’, the mean has change, ‘Derajat' meant RANK OF HONOR. Fight for self-defence to Rank of Honor become a new means of Tarung Derajat.
From the year 1997, Tarung Derajat was recognized by KONI (Indonesia Mainstream Sporting Community).

KODRAT (Ina : Keluarga Olahraga Tarung Derajat) become official organization, and settle in 20 Province of Indonesia for beginning to introduce this new branch of sport.
As a sport in it’s own right. The effort to create a competitive style that conformed with KONI regulations presented major difficulties; especially in terms of technique In effect the style had to be reconfigured in a way that radically altered the social habit’s in which it had been developed. One of a consequence, bare hand fighting competition is forbidden, the Fighters (Ina: Petarung/ Level 3 and up members) must use protector (glove,gumseal, and testicural protector) . Note : there are seven levels in Tarung Derajat. It's called "KURATA" /Ina : Kuat-Berani-Tangkas (Strength-Courage-Agility), from level I-VII. then the highest level is called "zat" literary means: essence-the most basic element, or an extract .

Reference :

1. Ian Douglas Wilson, The Politics of inner Power : The Practice of Pencak Silat in West Java, Ph.D.Thesis School of Asian Studies Murdoch University Western Australia 2002
2. Drs. H. Achmad Dradjat, Menciptakan beladiri praktis dan efektif, Duel-Online Magazine no.2 Nov 2000

Perguruan Pusat Bela diri AA BOXER.
Kawah Dradjat, Bandung City
Est. 1972

sumber : facebook satlat cempaka putih

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Short histori of Tarung Derajat

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